About Dr. Wynne

Dr. Wynne is a licensed psychotherapist with offices in San Francisco and Novato. He draws upon 30 + years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents and adults, from diverse backgrounds, who present a wide range of concerns including depression and anxiety. In addition to a private practice, his expertise as a clinician and expert witness has been shaped by training and employment in a variety of treatment settings: mental health clinics, residential treatment, preschools, public and non-public schools, hospice settings, prison, and a two year internship at the California Pacific Medical Center’s Outpatient Psychiatry program in San Francisco. Dr. Wynne has extensive clinical experience assessing and treating children, adolescents and adults who have suffered psychological trauma. Dr. Wynne has provided clinical supervision for Master’s and Doctoral level interns at the New College and in association with CPMC.

Dr. Wynne earned a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. His approach as a clinician is also shaped by an abiding respect for the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit. He has been in private practice and licensed as an MFT since 1990.