I have provided brief and long-term psychotherapy for individual adults and couples since opening my private practice in 1990. I work collaboratively and apply therapeutic strategies that are best suited to an individual’s needs. My supportive approach helps individuals deepen awareness of their conflicts and vulnerabilities, while also gaining greater access to their innate strengths and passions. Acting from a position of emotional clarity and self awareness allows one to better cope with life’s stressors, move out of stuck patterns and make healthy choices.

My assessment and diagnostic skills are bolstered by more than 15 years of experience conducting forensic evaluations associated with traumatized individuals and families.

Areas of specialization include:
  • Emotional conflict : acute or longstanding concerns associated with anxiety, panic, depression, mood swings, low self esteem, stress, anger
  • Trauma and abuse : history of suffering severe stress secondary to physical, emotional or sexual trauma during childhood, adolescence or adulthood
  • Interpersonal conflict : persistent, troubling patterns related to couples, marriage, parenting, parent-child, siblings, peers, co-workers
  • Life transitions : stress and emotional reactions secondary to grief, loss, divorce, career change, loss of job, new relationships, empty nest